Le Cissereau B&B

Chambre et table d'hôtes 

Onzain (Veuzain-sur-Loire) 


Here is a selection of activities during your stay at Le Cissereau B&B, in addition to the Loire castles. 

Boat trips on the Loire 

at the foot of the Château de Chaumont sur Loire: 

Moments de Loire 

Association Millière Raboton

 Outdoor leisure activities

"Loisir Loire Valley" Nature Leisure Base: outdoor leisure activities suitable for everyone: Archery, Barefoot trail, Nets in the trees, quad biking, ULM, .... 

Bike rental: at Chaumont sur Loire Stations Bee's 

Way of Compostela, way of Tours 

We are happy to welcome pilgrims on the way to Compostela, on the Route de la Voie de Tours. 

Hot air balloon tour 

Hot air balloon take-off times always take place at sunrise or before sunset, at the most beautiful times. 

The best season is from April to October. 

Fly in hot air balloons and take another look at the Loire Valley, its castles! The flight is done over the wind, it is he who decides the distance and the direction that your hot air balloon takes. 

Hot air balloon flights, discovery of the region and castles with 


Touraine Montgolfière

Loire et Montgolfière

Au grès des vents

Compagnons du Vent.

Remember to book as soon as possible and for a date at the beginning of your stay. This will allow you to change the date/time if the weather conditions require it. 

If you want a balloon flight, it is best to plan a few days in advance for the reservation and plan there at the beginning of the stay, so that if ever the weather is not in the game, you can postpone the flight the following days. 

Visit the Loire châteaux